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The concept of labour varies significantly and has transformed over time. Whether it is market-related or not, work is an activity that is essential in economic terms and human relations. At various points in History, major changes in labour patterns have been preceded by dramatic events. Examples include the First and Second World Wars and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. Such events have a major and widespread impact on labour. The way people work, the reasons that lead them to work, and how much time they devote to work are all affected by social, cultural, economic, and geographical factors that undergo significant change.

The XLII Annual Meeting of APHES welcomes paper and session proposals focusing on labour and social norms, irrespective of geographical and chronological frameworks. We particularly welcome papers that examine, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the evolution of work and the perception and organization of labour over time and in different geographies.

The keynote speaker of the XLII APHES Conference is Jan Lucassen, who will deliver a lecture on “The story of work: work for historians”.